Installation of CentOS 7.3


CentOS 7, a Linux platform based on sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, has been released with the stable updates like bug fixes, new packages upgrades ( Like Samba, Squid, libreoffice, SELinux, systemd and others and support for the 7th generation of Intel Core i3, i5, i7 processors.

This guide will show you how to install CentOS 7.3 using the DVD ISO image on a UEFI based machine.


Download CentOS 7.3 ISO Image

After you’ve downloaded the image from the above link, burn it to a DVD or use ISO and boot from it. Then you will see menu after a while. From the menu select Install CentOS 7 and hit Enter to continue.


The welcome screen will appear. Choose the language you want to perform the installation process and press hit on Continue button.


On the next screen you will see Installation Summary.


In the Localization menu input the information in Date and Time menu, Keyboard layout and Language support where you can choose your geographical location from the map, change date and time correctly and language support as per your requirement.

1. Date and Time


2. Keyboard Setting


3. Language Support


In the Software section, you can choose installation source as DVD/CD, or define ISO file path, and select the software installation mode.

1. Installation Source

installation source.png

2. Software Selection

software selection.png

After that scroll down the Installation Main Menu Page.

installation summary.png

In the System section, define automatic or manual partition of virtual hard drive in Installation Destination menu, enable kdump, configure network connectivity and host-name in Network & Host Name menu and select default security policy profile.

1. Installation Destination

installation destination.png



3. Network & Hostname

network seeting.png

4. Security Policy

security Policy.png

Now click on “Begin Installation” to proceed ahead.

begin Installation.png

Now you can see configuration setup page.


Here, Set ROOT password and create users as required. It will take some time to complete the installation depending on your machine’s hardware performance. After your installation is completed, reboot your machine.

1. Set ROOT Password

root password.png

2. Create New User

created user.png

3. Finished Configuration

finish configuration.png

That’s it. You have successfully installed CentOS 7 on Virtual Machine.

~ Thank you ~

For more reading materials please click here

Installation of CentOS 7.3

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